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Tue Feb 19 08:53:01 EST 2008

For many years now I have been a real dedicated fan of Eric's music, however despite being made aware of the Slowhand Digest by a great many friends of mine that use it, I have never so much as looked through this site.

Thankfully I signed up recently and feel that it was a seriously good move.

>From my days running the now idle Claptonboyz website, I made virtual friends with fans from all over the world.? There are two dozen or so persons that to this day continue to email me with EC news and the odd heads up for tickets etc.? But when EC is not on tour the consistency of such emails can get a bit thin on the ground.? With the internet making concert ticket purchasing a glorified headache (not always) it is imperative that you keep your finger on the button to avoid buying tickets from touts at inflated prices.??

The EC access site (to which I am a subscriber) can be okay but the forum is frequented by the 'I've?got six Clapton cds and seen him live three times and I'm his biggest fan' types who post utter garbage most of the time, or get their facts wrong.? One member posted a thread asking where she should report bootlegs as she had seen some for sale somewhere.? In disbeleif I replied explaining how important the boots are to real fans and that she was just plain Naive!!!? It can be a joke at times.? However there are a good number of fans that post worthy threads and are fairly knowledgable on EC folklaw.

>From browsing through the digest, I have to say that this IS THE place for real fans and I will from now on be a regular contributor to this forum.?? Many of the guys here I know personally so it'll be good to get in touch with old friends.

People often ask me why I am so big on Clapton, well it's not just the music, it's the people also.

Paul C.




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