[Slowhand] What Clapton album is a rare collectible ?

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 17:25:16 EST 2008

I probably should have purchased this magazine this weekend, but I'll bet there are some collectors on this message board who'd be inclinded to have some say so on this matter.

www dot goldminemag dot com
Has a lot of up to date information about CD and vinyl album reissues etc...
Lisa, be nice. One more out burst from you and over my knee you will be - course you might like that...

Say if Clapton does read this, Bean has my number.

Maybe, I'll take the time to get you some good photos of you and your friends. As I don't take photos of celebrites and sell them. That's just rude. Ya know, I've seen a certain young lady that looks just like you. What a NAME... cheers!

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