[Slowhand] Heads on Sticks

Dale.Kalina at rrd.com Dale.Kalina at rrd.com
Thu Feb 21 09:09:35 EST 2008

Larry King did another of his astonishingly bad interviews last night.
This time the uncomfortable interviewee was Jon Stewart of "The Daily
Show". Who else but Larry King could make this a largely humorless
hour-long interview?

In addition to bad questions, Larry's laughter at almost anything Stewart
said, and clips from Letterman and Leno that had nothing in particular to
do with Stewart, one feature during the show was the "King Cam (Kam?)", a
recorded person-on-the-street opportunity for people to ask Stewart
questions. It appears the King show producers decided they could be as
funny as "The Daily Show" (or as original as Sam), so the people asking
the questions held a Jon Stewart head-on-a-stick while asking their
questions. At the end of the show, Larry presented Jon with his own
head-on-a-stick, complete with shirt and tie, to which Stewart responded
"I can't wait to throw this away." Probably the funniest moment of the
show, unfortunately.

On a semi EC-related topic, my wife and I need to travel from NYC to
Philadelphia on Saturday following the Clapton/Winwood concert next week.
Other than an expensive one-way car rental or a pricey Amtrak train ride,
the only other reasonable option appears to be a bus. The P2P Circulator
bus leaves from Penn Station to Philadelphia, which would be convenient. I
have seen some mixed reviews of this service. Do any Slowhanders have any
experience with this? Should we risk it or take the train?


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