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> However, Clapton never had a very good opinion of Led Zeppelin. It makes

sense for someone who has >deep and abiding love and respect for the blues.
Although Led Zeppelin plays a number of tunes derived >from blues songs, they
can hardly be called "blues," perhaps "heavy metal" being a better

> In a few interviews during the 1980s, Led Zeppelin was referred to as a

Cream "vacuum" band: filling the >vacuum created by Cream when they broke up.
Clapton had a difficult time understanding this. The >confusion was based on
Clapton's opinion that Cream had been a musical band, that just happened to be

>loud. In his opinion, however, those described to him as Cream "vacuum"

bands were simply loud, and he >saw nothing in common with them and Cream.

Anyone who would classify Led Zeppelin as a "Heavy Metal" band obviously
have never really paid attention to their complete body of work. Make no
mistake, they were as heavy as anyone at times, the difference between LZ and these
heavy metal bands is that the Zep catalog is very diverse and articulate
with a variety of different influences...Blues, Rockabilly, Acoustic, Middle
Eastern, etc.

If true, I believe EC's opinion on Led Zeppelin to be very disingenuous. I
believe Led Zeppelin filled the Cream vacuum and in my opinion expanded upon
what Cream did, to say they were just loud and not musical is simply not
accurate. Maybe EC isn't a big Zeppelin fan but he should show the respect of at
least ackowledging them for what they were, one of the most
influential/diverse Rock bands ever.

I love Cream but Led Zeppelin doesn't take a back seat to anyone, including
Cream. Led Zep's popularity, still today, is unsurpassed.

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