[Slowhand] Clapton/Winwood

JOHN NACCARATO jnacca0408 at rogers.com
Tue Feb 26 21:49:14 EST 2008

Wow what a setlist! Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to New York for these shows and I'm really sorry that I didn't. I can't believe that my suggestion of "Georgia on My Mind" that I made when the shows were announced actually got played! 'Dem Changes' from Hendrix's Band of Gypsys-are you kidding me? That has been a long time favourite of mine-what a great choice not to mention voodoo chile and little wing! Was it voodoo chile (slight return) or voodoo chile that was played? I really hope that it was the latter because the call and response between Hendrix's guitar and Winwood's hammond B3 on the original is one of those transcendental musical exchanges that I will simply never get over. It would be interesting to hear if EC and Winwood could have recreated that magic. I'm also very pleased to see 'sleeping in the ground', 'double trouble', 'presence of the Lord', 'well alright', 'had to cry today', 'no face, no name, no number', 'pearly queen' , 'can't find my way home' and 'dear mr fantasy' make the setlist. I'm literally drooling in anticipation of an official release or for the first torrents of the shows to be posted.

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