[Slowhand] I am not Bill Mann!

Jerry Dunaway jdunaway65 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 23:56:57 EST 2008

Um, I noticed I haven't been getting my digests
lately, and I was cleaning out my inbox and found a
notice that I had been unsubbed,,,

Did the moderator do this, thinking I was BM? Did I
post something unsavory that got me unsubbed? Maybe I
was just tired when reading the last digest I got and
when I went to hit delete, accidentally hit the unsub

Either way, hope I am staying on here now.... read the
reviews and setlists on whereseric.com, and am WAYYY
jealous of those of you who got to go! As a recent
poster stated, I am looking forward to the torrents
that HAVE to be made available. And, for those who
went, I never saw an answer to the Voodoo Chile/Child
question... my assumption would be that since Stevie
played on the Voodoo Chile track on Electric Ladyland
(the slow bluesy one) that it would be that one, not
Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Would that be correct?

Hoping they do decide to do a short tour -- bet they
would sound great at the Ryman here in Music City....

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