[Slowhand] More LZ- Cream musings

Steve McKellar mckells at videotron.ca
Sat Mar 1 17:15:12 EST 2008

<<<<<< without Cream as a frame of reference, I think Led Zep would
have been a continuation of what JP was doing with the Yardbirds a la
Little Games LP. Interesting pyschedelic explorations in a pop vein
with a few hit singles thrown in. Certainly nothing to write home
about. >>>>>>>

Tone, That is an interesting game we play of what would so and so be
doing now if he/she hadn't died.
Would Hendrix be in Las Vegas doing two shows a night? We're not
talking about anyone dying but we are talking about what bands became
after Cream died. An artist needs to evolve to survive. We can only
speculate whether JP would have evolved into LZ after Yardbirds or
whether Steve Marriott would have gone from Small Faces to Humble Pie if
Cream hadn't persuaded them to crank their amps.
I can't pinpont the exact second but as i've said i think there was a
sea change in rock in 69. LZ, Humble Pie, Aerosmith, Deep Purple formed
their sound around this time and i don't think Cream was the
inspiration. I don't know if any of these bands have credited Cream
directly with their shift in volume but i would think
not. EC evolved before and after Cream and then stopped, probably coming
to grinding halt for Back Home.
I guess evolution requires someone to challenge you to break out of your
musical shell, like JPJ for Page
or for EC, his Cream bandmates or Duane. Too bad he's had no one since then.


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