[Slowhand] Clapton-Winwood 2/28

Richie mrnybluesman at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 1 19:05:42 EST 2008

Like everyone else I read the reviews and saw the songs performed for the first two shows. Very nice I thought..should be interesting. Having grown up in NYC MSG is like an old leather jacket to me..very comfortable. I found my seat and settled in. I am not exactly a novice when it comes to EC..having seen upwards of a hundred and a half shows. It didn't matter how many shows I had previously seen...nothing could have prepared me for the auditory onslaught that was to follow. The setlist was about perfect...pulling songs I thought I would never hear again...being "ahem"..old enough, I had seen the original Cream, Blind Faith, and Derek. The musicianship was superb..At times..as much as I couldn't bear to look away from EC and Winwood..I just had to close my eyes and enjoy the music. it would be hard to pick out a single highlight...but it would really be hard to argue with the closing 5 songs. The reviews mentioned how much "fun" they seemed to be having..very very true...I
will say this...I always look for EC's little nuances to see how much he is into the evenings performance..they were there in spades...and to show the difference between these shows and the Cream reunion..by the third show at MSG..Eric looked so bored by the whole thing and it seemed like he couldn't wait to get off the stage.

Simply put..one of the most enjoyable concerts I have attended.

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