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Apurva wrote:"2. Is it just me or does Clapton turn it up a notch, BIG TiME, when he's asked to carry the weight, guitar playing wise (Cream reunion shows case in point) vs. when he's got Doyle/etc on a touring situation.. Or maybe he paces himself more on a tour as opposed to these one off short lived reunion shows where seems to play full on...3. The clips from 2-28 - After Midnight, Them Changes, I've heard - Claptons solos hit a second gear at a certain point, playing i've haven't heard from him since 1994 blues tour." He had Doyle with him on the 2004 Tour and the Crossroads Festival that year (a kind of a one-off, yes) is in my view ECs best playing in this decade. Yes, I definitely agree that there is passion, attack and soul in ECs playing nowadays, and one could easily argue that these are the major ingredients in a guitarist's performance. Now, I would love to be convinced that this playing is up there with the 1994-95 Blues Tour, however, I cannot get away from the feeling that his repertoire has decreased significantly. I'm not saying that this is extremely important as long as his feeling and spirit is intact, but I sense a higher degree of repetition and predictability now, compared to a couple of years ago. There are certain runs or licks that are put into almost EVERY solo. Well, I might be in the minority on this one. I'd love to be challenged on this, and to hear your views. I'm looking forward to the Hyde Park and Bergen shows this summer - EC is still the man.
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