[Slowhand] take-aways from Clapton/Winwood Youtubes...

Apurva Parikh apuraja at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 12:43:26 EST 2008

Quick takeaways from watching a few of the youtube videos from last
week's run of shows:

1. There will be dvd for sure! (i'm hoping, praying it contains most
of the footage from the last show which seems to rival the Cream RAH
reuinion shows)
2. Is it just me or does Clapton turn it up a notch, BIG TiME, when
he's asked to carry the weight, guitar playing wise (Cream reunion
shows case in point) vs. when he's got Doyle/etc on a touring
situation.. Or maybe he paces himself more on a tour as opposed to
these one off short lived reunion shows where seems to play full on...
3. The clips from 2-28 - After Midnight, Them Changes, I've heard -
Claptons solos hit a second gear at a certain point, playing i've
haven't heard from him since 1994 blues tour. He did it in the Cream
RAH shows to a certain degree but nothing like that i saw on on the
2-28 youtubes.. DN's review pretty much solidified that opinion...
4. I'd certainly love to see these guys tour more but understand the
nature of these shows probably was that they were just 3 shows and no
pressure of a big tour really..

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