[Slowhand] EC & SW / MSG - U Tube videos

David Gourlay david.gourlay at oracle.com
Mon Mar 3 17:35:30 EST 2008


Hi all - I attended the Feb 28th show and was in Section 207 and took some vids with a low end dig camera. These ain't gonna get me into the concert footage Hall of Fame and Glory, but from an audio perspective, they are not too bad and good for the new Ipod. As you can tell, I was jazzed about hearing "Forever Man" live for the first time. Unfortunately, I was sitting behind a section of very restless people - doubt they're really fans. Man, I spent more time dodging people interrupting shots than watching the show. In total, I caught Forever Man, Little Wing, most of Tell the Truth, Presence of the Lord, Sleeping in the Ground, Georgia on my Mind and Kind Hearted. Enjoy


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