[Slowhand] More LZ- Cream musings

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Mon Mar 3 06:17:49 EST 2008

Hi Steve (McKellar),

I don't want to flog a dead horse here, my point had nothing to do with dead
artists and what they may or may not have achieved had they not died.

My point was how these artists (Holly, Beatles, Stones etc.) would have
sounded if their key influences had not been around (eg. no Elvis, no Little
Richard, no Holly, no Chess etc.)

>From 1967 until Nov 1968 only Cream (and Hendrix to a slightly lesser

degree) were playing with such sophistication and instrumental confidence in
an almost original approach to rock.

Cream with their instrumental virtuosity, extended jams (marshall stacks),
great production, original material (and arrangements of trad. and blues),
all resulting in proven sales viability (record AND concert) must have been
'AN' influence on the early path that Zep took.

IMHO, I do think it is naive to say that Cream did not have a direct
influence on the hard rock that followed (and likewise that LZ did not have
a direct influence on the heavy metal that followed later in the 70's).

Last Cream concert - November 1968

1969 - Led Zeppelin - 1st album
Aug 1969 - Humble Pie - 1st album
1970 - Black Sabbath - 1st album
1970 - Deep Purple In Rock - (prior albums still finding a direction)
1973 - Aerosmith - 1st album




With all due respect I do feel that Cream and Led Zeppelin (Beck & Hendrix)
were on a completely different level to the likes of Sabbath, Deep Purple,
Humble Pie etc, etc, etc, etc.


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