[Slowhand] clapton the revolutionary guitarist

Apurva Parikh apuraja at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 10:03:00 EST 2008

DN - great post, although I know the history behind the early days and
what made Eric so revered, it's great to see it in writing again and
to be reminded of it. I had wished this kind of subject had been
touched upon in Eric's autobiography - by that i mean - his accounts
(if he could remember) what those recording sessions were like,
details about certain choices he made, etc.

However, knowing Eric is quite humble, modest and at times a bit
dismissive of those early days and his recollection of those days, I"m
not surprised it wasn't something he wrote about . And if even he did,
i am sure his book editors wanted more about drugs, conor, women and
what not (more salacious stuff).

But in any case, back to what DN had posted about - yes, Jimi
Hendrix's short lived career, his flash, and his timing and where he
decided to make a splash (lighting his guitar on fire at Monterey) all
contributed to the impression he was a guitar revolutionary, when in
fact, DN is correct in that musicians who knew music and guitar
playing all revered Eric hands down. IN fact, wasn't it Eric Clapton
that Jimi was promised a meeting with in London by his manager Chas
Chandler, that in fact was one of main reasons Jimi even CAME to
England in the first place..


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