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Being a music nut, I too was struck by the lack of discussion of the musical
part of his career. I want to know what went on in the studio, how tough
were the recording sessions with Bruce and others. Where is his muse? I
mean, I am always fascinated by the stories many artists share about how
they come up with a certain lick or frame work of a particular song. Keith
Richards is famous (or infamous?) for keeping a tape recorder on his bed
stand into which he hums music he hears in his head while dreaming. Or so
the story/legend is told.

Clapton seems willing to talk about that in some venues, specifically in the
Classic Album series where he talks some about the making of Disraeli Gears,
but maybe he doesn't see the value in putting that down in writing. I know
I'd buy and read the book if he chose to.



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I rarely post but read the list daily. I just finished reading Eric's
autobiography and was struck by how much more there must be to tell. I could
easily see a part 2.

I know that the theme was his personal life, and all those issues, but there
is so much more on the music that could be told. Did this strike anyone

Also, is there a video recording available from Orchestra night, other than
the few songs featured on 24 Nights? I believe that the audio recording from
Orchestra Night (Bootleg)

was obtained from a BBC television special. Surely this was recorded and is
out there somewhere. I just love this recording. It is one of my all time



John Shortridge

jshortri at rmi.net

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Lets think of the wandering millions

Who need leaders but get gamblers instead

-Jagger / Richards


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