[Slowhand] Bill Mann Lives(?)

Jerry Dunaway jdunaway65 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 00:01:28 EDT 2008

Sorry, folks, but I HAD to share this -- e-mail addy
does not correspond with the one he previously posted
on here, but if you read the first couple of lines I'm
SURE it has to be him.

I am assuming this is in response to my posting about
Winwood living in Lieper's Fork (near Franklin, SW of
Nashville). Read on, if you can bear it -- it'll
either make you laugh or want to throw up...

From: KB4IUJ at aol.com  
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 23:24:24 EDT
Subject: Winwood lives over near Dover...
To: jdunaway65 at yahoo.com, Bbanderic at aol.com,
darmel at sbcglobal.net

Who have you that bum information...  Drive over to
Clarksville, TN and visit Mary's Music - right close
to the riverwalk.
Post a query on the message board about "Mary's Music"
in Clarksville and see what kind of a response you'll
Why did he located over in Dover, because of the many
Pawn Shops that are located near the Army base.  Those
guitar guys love a deal.... What is Winwood & Clapton
hobby ?  Rebuilding guitars that they gets from Pawn
shops... HELLO !
Probably in a few years he'll sell off a bunch, like
how much money he raise in LA at that auction.
Why is Clapton always going to Japan ?   For the
FREE Kobe beef !  LOL..
That ranks right up there with the Korean BBQ place
just south of Ft.Campbell.

Have you ever had Korean BBQ... Pick up a copy of
TennKorean in the entrance way.
You gotta get into there culture, as you won't see
them eating at Ryan's. But, I will say the Wendy's by
Gate 3 is about the best one I've seen ever.
One of things that impressed me about Clarksville is
the high percentage of Korean. Which, if you know
anything about Clapton wife is she's Korean.   HELLO
Yea, I'll bet Winwood owns some property over there
just to give the locals something to talk about.
But you can bet - all of Clapton and Winwood property
is in there wives maiden names.

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