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Tue Apr 1 22:29:46 EDT 2008

>>>Could it be that Pilgrim keeps growing on all the critics?>> I don't think so!

Yes, his voice is the BEST it had ever been.

Yes, he is singing with real conviction.

Yes, his songwriting is BETTER than it had been in the previous 25 or so years.

Yes, the arrangements are FANTASTIC.

Yes, the songs he covers are done BRILLIANTLY.

Yes, the musicians he uses are GREAT.

But then there's the problem of that old drum machine.

Some people just can't get around that.

Reminds me a little of when Muddy Waters first went to the U.K. in the late 50's.
The promoters Alexis Korner (I think) and some other blues expert, were outraged that Muddy was going to play ELECTRIC guitar and demanded that he play acoustic.
Muddy acquiesced and played what they wanted.
It seems the promoters knew better than Muddy when it came to authenticity.



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