[Slowhand] Pilgrim

JP Donohoe finglas at finglas.karoo.co.uk
Wed Apr 2 12:25:13 EDT 2008

Whether or not it was EC's last great studio album or not I think Pilgrim is
a wonderful document of a musician at a certain point of his life.

It is introspective and highly produced BUT some of the playing is
fantastic, his voice is in great form and some of the songs are bloody

The live tour to support the album was great too with some stunning versions
of these songs.

Those who slag him off for using a drum machine really need to get a life
and accept it for what it is.

Over ten years on we have seen at the MSG concerts with Steve Winwood that
EC's ability is still very much intact and his passion undiminished.

Long may he continue in the studio or otherwise.

We will miss him when he is gone!



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