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> I think it's no mistake that EC has adopted the live in the studio

approach to all of his recordings

> AFTER Pilgrim.

EC had already adopted the live in the studio approach on the album BEFORE
Pilgrim, From The Cradle.

I think it is no mistake that EC did NOT record Pilgrim live in the studio.


> But they have always sounded better in concert than they do on the record.


What Clapton songs don't sound better in concert than they do on record?

I think that every Digest member agrees that EC is better live than in the


> The record is just too sterile. It's a record that was over-produced.


Pilgrim may be sterile and over-produced but it is head and shoulders over
that booze riddled output from the late 70's.

Give me a sterile and over produced Pilgrim to a 'correctly' produced
Backless any day.


> If Pilgrim had been recorded live in the studio it would have been a great



> But it wasn't.


If Cream had had another two members it would have been a quintet.

But it wasn't.

Pilgrim is a great EC album even with the crap production, sterility and
drum machine.

So what's the score now?

Pilgrim lovers = 2

Pilgrim haters = rest of The Digest?


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