[Slowhand] Sheryl Crow, Santana & Doyle Bramhall

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 22:15:25 EDT 2008

Will be in Memphis in May this coming weekend !!

Tickets are $68 for all three day and on sale now until April 30th.
Then after that, you can expect to pay more.
Too bad, EC will be in Tampa Bay.

You know, I actually thought about Clapton this weekend when I
strolled thru WC Handy Park as I saw a Jamaican vendor selling big cowboy belt
buckles and cheap sunglasses ($7), I'm always looking for a great deal
on sunglasses as I know a few models and how they like to look chic in
them and have a
wicked way about sitting on them as well.

Anybody here going to be there ?

If there are some musicians that read this board and are going to be
there. I would highly recommend if their out cruising about stop and
visit Alex Halley's (Roots) boyhood home in Henning, TN. Though,
it's not widely known but the State of Tennessee is building a
interactive museum for all his works. Also, ask Beverly as to the
where about to "The Silver Moon" which was one of the country bars BB
King use to play in when he was just starting out. (If you have a
large tour bus, you can park it in downtown Henning and walk under the
railroad bridge next to City Hall and it's like 50 yards on the right
- can't miss it along with humbling setting... It's safe, if your
paranoid about black part of town... Henning isn't like Clarksdale !

You know, I was talking with Beverly and we both really wonder why
Tina Turner hasn't like returned to her roots. Nutbush, TN is where
she was born and raised, which isn't too far from Henning... But,
you'd think she'd have some sort of a performing arts center there or
near Ripley, TN where from what Ms. Beverly said she went to school
at. Tina Turner is just in plain denial and should have a revelation
about all those kids she's essentially turned her back on. As that's
the way they see it. Course, if we had our way - we'd put it in
Henning as there's ample land close to the saw mill. I like that area
as it's just way more green with trees and foliage. One has to drive
thru the area to see what I mean.

If your the real adventuresome type you might drive up and check out
Carl Perkin's home in Tiptonville, TN. Though from the looks of the
museum which is currently being constructed, that's really going to be
fitting memorial for him. As, it's a real shame there aren't any
musicians in that town. I mean, if you like a slow pace of life and
like to fish. Though, I have heard because of this slow pace of life
there is a drug problem there.

Too bad there not a Johnny Billington of sorts to teach kids how to
play the blues.

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