[Slowhand] Here is some photos from SunFest

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Thu May 1 21:51:33 EDT 2008

Eric needs a haircut and Sheryl could give him one, but I wonder if that guy
is any good at
giving Sheryl a make over. After all, isn't he into Chic Fashions ?

Sheryl does happen to have a very nice bum. Guess I might have to go see
her show after all
tomorrow night and get a closer look !!

Course, the band "Chemical Romance", "The Roots" and "Keb'Mo" will be on the
other stages
competing in that time slot. Wonder what's the chance of Santana or Doyle
playing with her.


Clapton looks like he needs to get into some khaki short pants and a nice
cotton shirt, other
wise I'd have to say that guy looks like he needs to be on a diet.

I liked Clapton when he had that burr hair cut. That's a really cool look
for cotton farmers in Mississippi.

Wonder what's the chance of seeing Sheryl Crow in a sexy black Gucci with
her hair all done up.

I wonder if she's ever wore something like that to a concert to woo her fans
Clapton probably would have wished he'd have flown in to play with her...
wink, wink.
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