[Slowhand] If Clapton is with his family

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Sun May 4 10:11:45 EDT 2008

He could and they could easily fly into Memphis today and he could
play his guitar with Doyle and his daughters & wife could go over to
the Fergie Stage and watch her perform, after all that's where all the
hot chicks and all the biker like chicks go over and watch the guitar

Fergie for all who do not know is a recovering Meth addict and fits
into her outfits quite well.

No doubt this is where all the strippers and hottie Memphis chicks are
going to be at. Since after all, Friday and Saturday night are there
big nights, Sunday is the day the come out to "soak up some Sun".

Wonder if Sheryl Crow ever payed with her ?

There are reports that Heidi Klum is there !

If your into women fashions, this is place to be...

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