[Slowhand] Clapton why don't you tell Fergie to get on those sit ups !

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Sun May 4 10:59:55 EDT 2008

Judge for yourselves - for one thing there are tons of magazines
devoted to women on how to lose weight, wonder what she looked like
when she was on Meth ? Massively over weight, no doubt.

What's the saying "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone".

No wonder they don't allow people to take camera's into those events.
But, here in this bunch are some pretty good ones of Fergie, just her
outfit looks like heck and she must think her stomach is thin. If she
just did 50 sits ups in the morning and 50 at lunch time and 50 at
sunset for a week, she'd look sharp. I mean, look at her schedule,
play for two hours, travel, meet and greet locals and on to the next

Plus, make millions on top of that.

Wonder if she's got an exercise video out ? That's something even EC
could put out or how to frame in a room and drywall it. His
instruction but with hot looking chicks who are probably in recovery
in South Florida. I mean, Scott Kelby, uses a fantastic looking
young lady in his ipod book. Great book and he's on his game.

Clapton still fooling with concert video, which probably sell to a few
of his fans but if you really want to rev up sales you have to use
pretty girls, Fergie is certainly no goddess, but like any woman at a
distance is attractive looking... Ditto that for guys.

But, most guys aren't fashion diva and picky... But, somebody has to
point this out, just like Clapton on stage with Crow, he looked like
he'd be working construction all day long. I thought the whole idea
was to instruct people on how to do things, rather than do it

I guess, it must be his hobby or the fact he likes being alone and
doing his thing.
Just like fly fishing, I suppose... Everybody need some quiet time.
But, if Clapton is doing construction work alone - it'd be his luck if
he got electrocuted and there'd be nobody there to save his butt.
Lets hope he's not working alone in small spaces or under a
house/apartment in a crawl space. You know there are scorpions in
South Florida !

But, electricity is unforgiving, leave that sh-t to the pro's. One
does have to wonder if he's doing electrical work by himself, I can
read the head lines. "Guitar God, Electrocuted"

"Eric Clapton guitar great died while working on electrical circuits
where in which he was uncertified to do so..." Do you think his life
insurance company would pay the family ?

No way. Course, he's worth millions, what does he care.

But, who depends on him for there livelyhood ? His band and all his
fans would be disraught and they'd have find a new hero. What makes
Clapton so special ? eh?

Is it the fact he championed his ills and put his faith in God, but
God can only do so much.
How much is Clapton worth dead ? Ask his mates !

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