[Slowhand] New songs!

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That confirms our suspicions.at least if that was you up there
close to the front row with the yet-to-be-patented "Head on a Stick"! My
wife spotted someone up there at the Tampa show with the Head on a Stick and
it certainly looked like Doyle pointed it out to Eric as well at the end of
the show.

And as proof that the Head on a Stick is gaining popularity, it
has now shown up on American Idol.please don't ask how I know this!



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Just back from Tampa. A friend gave me front row tickets! Thank you, thank
you, thank you!

"Don't Knock My Love" and "Rockin' Chair" are apparently brand new songs.
"Don't Knock My Love" is very funky. Geetarz commented that it sounded a
little like the August material. And yet it sounds very current. I think
it would be a great single. Great solo during the song, which was the theme
for the night.

"Rockin' Chair" is acoustic and also a nice addition. To me, it's a jazz
song with a little blues influence. The song would have fit on Reptile

But why take my word for it? Check out this fine recording:



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