[Slowhand] Loud "fans" -- we need to all make a promise

James Vlahakis jvlahakis at hinshawlaw.com
Tue May 13 12:21:42 EDT 2008

I agree, the so-called "fan base" gets worse as the prices go up. I was
able to sit in the front few rows at Winwood-Clapton because the so-called
rich fans (who wanted to go "just to go") all showed up late. And they
were drunk.

We need to promise ourselves that we will politely confront all the loud
mouths and drunks at these shows because they need to learn some manners.
While there's a time and a place when you know that some guy or woman is
to drunk to reason with and you clearly don't want to start a fight,
there's a nice way to tell someone to "shut the ____ up."

The worst are the casual fans who are just "there to be there" but I have
older people who claim to have seen Clapton in the 70s make asses of
themselves after a few too many beers.

And why is it always some horrible looking woman with a two-pack a day
habit who wants to scream "I love you Eric"? Ugh.....that kills me to.

Hats off to some other entertainers, Radiohead's Thom Yorke for instance,
who will not hesitate to say "shut up" if someone's whistling or yelling.
I don't care home much you spend on tickets, be quiet.

I was at a Radiohead show a few years and there's a wonderful
confrontation on a private recording with me lighting into a guy for
yapping during the show it goes something like this "Excuse me, are you a
real fan of Radiohead or are you just hear to say you came to the show so
you can try to sound hip?" "WHAT?!, screw you buddy" was his response
(slightly more colorful) to which I replied "oh, I'm right, you are just
hear to ruin this concert for everyone else, go to the back of the venue
and chat" He was not happy to say the least and his girlfriend was

I'm 6'2" so I'm not afraid to get in anyone's face. Since I will be with
Sammy at the Cleveland show, we may have to take things into our own

James V. in Chicago

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