[Slowhand] What do you guy think of EC doing a duet with a famous

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Mon May 12 17:18:27 EDT 2008

Country Western singer ? And I'm not talking about Sheryl Crow.
This lady is well known.

Clapton needs go on a diet for one thing, as those photos in Relix
magazine with Winwood are not too flattering.

He's 62, but looks 72 at his website... The folks at Where's Eric
needs some new photos for there website.

This lady would would do wonders for his career.

Clapton needs something to really project himself. He's no doubt, in
the big leagues but he needs to knock one out of park ! As, I'm sure
- she's looks at his lifes work and has said to herself... "What the
heck is that guy doin", probably even says "Yal are crazy".

But, where she's coming from is EC has actually put his life in
reverse... All for good reason, I suppose. As perhaps he's still
hasn't figured out how to shift gears. Course, what do you wanna
bet. He's turned into a sailor... But, even sailors get stumped.

Clapton has like thrown anchor and what do boats do when that happens
they go in circles, right ? That's not very good, unless it's one of
those anchors which has a under water parachute attached to it. (a
sea anchor, which are probably designed for sailboats, not yachts).

That guy better start listening to what that gal says, cause she'll
help him get back on his game. If he wants to... No doubt, the
first things she's going to say is "get a haircut" and look like

I'll bet her fans don't talk thru her shows !!
Tell Doyle , Sr... He needs some pretty girls up on stage dancing to
some of his songs. He's got some fans, he could make more with some
pretty girls, singing along.

You guys want to see my pictures of Tiptonville and Ridgely, TN.

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