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Gerd Klaassen mail at klaweb.de
Thu May 15 04:49:56 EDT 2008


"If Clapton had a brain..."

"He'd be so wise to select the gal out of the crowd and bring her
up on stage and don't you know what kind of a photo op that'd be
for him. (Doyle Jr. call your dad an have him do the same

"Call Hef, Clapton... make that a reality."

"Clapton needs go on a diet for one thing, as those photos in
Relix magazine with Winwood are not too flattering."

"He's 62, but looks 72 at his website... The folks at Where's Eric
needs some new photos for there website."

"That guy better start listening to what that gal says, cause
she'll help him get back on his game."

please stop these postings. Please. EC needs no advice,
at least not from you. Do you hear voices?
(I know I can skip the posts, but it's hard to read a digest
with so many jumps...)

On-topic: I've updated the guitar information on my unplugged
page, because the old information was wrong. Can anyone confirm

1. a Jose Ramirez III nylon string classical guitar, Madrid, 1992
2. a 1939 Martin 000-42, serial #73234, sold for US$ 791,500 at
the Crossroads Guitar Auction 2004
3. a 1966 Martin 000-28 (converted to Style 000-45 pearl inlay by
Mike Longworth), serial #208511, sold for US$ 186,700 at the
Crossroads Guitar Auction 2004
4. a Martin D-12-20 12 string guitar
5. a Dobro in open G tuning


Keep on,

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