[Slowhand] Booing and Wooing

Almighty Geetarz almighty_geetarz at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 12:56:43 EDT 2008

> Sinead O'Connor wasn't 'booed off the stage'. Yes she was booed, but

> didn't leave the stage, Instead she changed the rehearesed song to a

> solo performance of Bob Marley's War, as (I would like to think) a

> "fuck you" to all the narrow minded dipshits in the audience whose

> understanding of the compexities of Ireland over the last few

> centuries was limited to a single performance on Saturday Night Live.


Perhaps I could have phrased what happened better.

With that said, this was yet another example of a self-absorbed
performer falling into the "it's all about ME" trap.

O'Connor made a political statement at an inappropriate place and time
(SNL), and she did it in a manner that did *not* help advance her ideas
(as she herself has admitted).

This goes back to the "shut the fuck up and play yer geetar" discussions
we've had in the past, to wit:

1) I don't go to concerts to hear about politics

2) I don't go to political events to hear music.

For some reason, these barely literate cretins feel that because they
have a (somewhat) captive audience, they have the right to prosleytize.
Namely, because if they held a
rally to speak about their personal views - no one would attend. I
don't know who said it but it's true, "politics is show business for the
ugly", and to carry the phrase a little
further, "politics is for those who don't have the looks *or* talent for
show business".

I'm not even sure the views of the majority of the audience were far
removed from her own ... again, I don't think it had as much to do as
what she said, as where/when/and how
she said it. Not really a big difference between this and for instance
some self-obsessed actor/actress using an awards ceremony to veer off
topic and rant on about some
personal cause.

Some friends dropped by the Party Pad here the other day, I had "Concert
For George" cranking on the big screen. One of my friends would be the
most casual of music fans
(i.e. radio only), she recognized Eric Clapton, watched a few songs, and
made an observation that I thought was pretty perceptive, and again this
was coming from somone with
*no* personal knowledge of the performers. She said "I get the feeling
he's all about the music, no B.S., no talking, no dancing, no theatrics".

Sounds good to me!


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