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Andrew Paleias apaleias at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 15:39:45 EDT 2008

I was at the show and I remember her coming out to a few scattered boos and her just standing there staring at the crowd for a few minutes. Her band wanted to start the song but she told them to wait a few times.
The heavy booing started after a few minutes of her staring. Kris Kristoferson came out to comfort her when she started crying. and she finally did do her song, I always felt she was trying to antagonize the crowd and that she got what she wanted.

She was just a minor player in what was an amazing collection of musicians.
It was definitly one of the top shows that I've attended (and I've been to too many)

Just my opinion and recollection of the event.


"... then again, my favorite part of Bobfest was seeing Sinead O'Connor
booed off the stage."

Sinead O'Connor wasn't 'booed off the stage'. Yes she was booed, but didn't leave the stage, Instead she changed the rehearesed song to a solo performance of Bob Marley's War, as (I would like to think) a "fuck you" to all the narrow minded dipshits in the audience whose understanding of the compexities of Ireland over the last few centuries was limited to a single performance on Saturday Night Live.

Mind you, this is just my opinion, like all the posts on this here Digest.


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