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Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 16 21:44:20 EDT 2008

Bimmer, huh? Well, that sure takes the glimmer off this yarn :-o
We'll need to compare notes at tomorrow's BBQ...
If you all the yarns I spun
When I was sober,
And brought them together
For just one night,
I know theyd never match
My sweet imagination
Everything looks worse in black and white...


I think those beers must have clouded your memory :-)  We drove up in your BMW – I’ve never been in your Lotus – yet.  Also, that would have been out of character for me to say something like that – I believe I said something myself to the person in question!

But it was a great road trip.



On 5/14/08 10:04 PM, "Lauren Blatt" <llrrbb4 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Me? tell someone to shutthefuckup?  But, I am so shy!  :-)
Mel you were with me on June 2, 1998 at ARCO when the woman behind us was YAPPING all night.  Finally, I turned around and said, "I didn't pay $75 to listen to you yap all night"  She shut up after that.  A-holes.
People complain about MSG, but all the big places are bad.  The UC in Chicago can be awful, too.
I agree with Sam, after seeing shows all over the world, RAH is the best, audience wise.  Maybe the best period.
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I've been pretty lucky considering the number of concerts I've attended. No one's barfed on me, spilled a beer on me or tried to kill me  - yet. For the most part, the people around me have been quite civil. The concert-going-inebriates are a pitiful lot for the most part - I don't understand the logic of going to a program and then getting so wasted that you won't remember it the following morning (on $8-beers to boot). I preferred the days when the concert-air was thick, and contact-highs were inescapable... Here's a story somewhat humorous and pathetic -  that I'll bet Rick Batty remembers. He and I met along the highway, where Rts80 and 680 join, enroute to Sacto for a Clapton show (Pilgrim Tour). Rick got in my car, a little black Lotus, and we continued on to ArcoArena. We got seated early on the floor about 20 rows from the stage and settled in with cold beers to enjoy what would prove to be a memorable show in that Clapton played his
cherry-Gibson for most of the first-half. A "girl" behind us all through the first half of the show would scream out intermittently at the top of her lungs, "Oh, Eric I love youuuu." I have no idea what she was on, but whatever it was should be avoided at any cost. At one point, near absolute frustration, Rick leaned over to me commenting, "If Lauren were here, she'd tell her to shutthefuckup..."
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