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Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 27 13:56:40 EDT 2008

Glad that you said that, Steve. YES - "Motherless Children" was a perfect startup song! I watched some video footage from CGF2007 over the holiday weekend: on "Why Does Love"  where E cozied next to DT and they played double leads. That was a magical moment and rare in that E doesn't "cozy" next to anyone very often, seems to enjoy his "space." That double lead was so cool with DT doing slide and E at times simulating slide in rigerous fretwork-notebending. I also listened to the Tampa program thanks to the generosity of RickB, and I found that setlist very enjoyable. Sure, sometimes I wish that E was eternally-40, and I'll bet he does too. In fact, come to think of it, I'll take some-o-that too! Thanks for posting, Steve!

>>Now, I really have to take exception to all this talk of what Clapton needs to do differently.

>>He doesn't need to do anything differently.  He's starting his set with "Motherless Children"

>>which is as close to Heaven as we are likely to see on Earth.

>>But seriously, look at Clapton's career over the past dozen years and all the different things

>>he has done.  Everything from jazz to a Cream reunion.  He's revisited the major highlights

>>in his career and has even given us an autobiography.  I for one, am happy with what he

>>has done recently.  It would be nice to hear him play Les Pauls and ES-335s a little more

>>often, though :-) Steve

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