[Slowhand] You guys are right... Keep the blues, but get more into the vocals

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 16:51:52 EDT 2008

Clapton from what I've heard, is more into his guitar tones... I'd
like to heard a progressive beat like John Lee Hookers "Shake it
baby"... That's sort of the direction he needs to go... That's what's
missing from his tunes is the suggestive sexual bar lingo of men.
Women actually do enjoy like being called "baby".

He'd be wise have look thru some sheet music words, and pull out the
words, which aren't spoken in this day and age because they were
retired from our vocabulary.

Say... and tell Sheryl Crow she needs a new hairdoo. I saw this
chick over near Dyersburg with her little dog in the front passenger
seat driving a RAV4, she looked half way hot... Thought I know it
wasn't Sheryl Crow. Didn't see her face, hair looked great! Sharon
Stone has a way she wears her hair up where she looks very modern and
sophiscated, very chic !

Sharon Stone could clue her into some sexy styling... That SEMO
hairdo, needs to be updated badly. Oh, yea... Columbia... whatever.
Hey, I got a step brother that teaches up there.... Big into pottery.

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