[Slowhand] Clapton can't shuffle and jive

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Tue May 27 23:05:35 EDT 2008

He can't talk into the mic and shoot the breeze like JL Hooker and all the
black bluesmen.

He should use that deep bartone voice of his to reach down and pull out
something out from off
the top of his gut. Muddy Waters could talk to the crowd and you know he
got that, by playing
in small taverns and black blues clubs. Wonder why Clapton didn't do any
of that.

And if he did, where are those recordings ? There is still time to do some
of thoses. Alesis, makes
these really neat ipod recorders. Very portable. All very do able stuff
and I'm talking about these are
the kind of recordings he needs to have to complement musical showcase of

Big concerts no doubt pay the bills, but really are lacking in creating new
material. But, ironically, I'm not
saying... Play to the crowds at Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero Blues Clubs,
but... I guess it's the purist in
me to say - go play for the really poor black people who hole up in these
small towns in complete dives, buildings
made of old wood. I mean, to play in a concrete building with a hot mic is
pretty lacking. As the audio quality,
just won't have the tones which you can vividly hear in all the black
bluesmen's recordings - no doubt some are
in a recording studio but the ones Muddy Waters has and are so fun to listen
to have are live and it's the real deal.

I'm probably blowing air... Which is too bad, as that guy could use some
decent advice like what I have to say.
Do they have wooden country blues club in the UK, like Soul Brothers in
Tiptonville ? I seriously doubt it.

If you white and you go in there. You'll get some long stares, by the
black folks. Wonder how many Brits have really
walked into a black joint and though... uh, maybe we're not so invited
here.. This isn't a place for a tourist to walk into.

Helps to have a big long knife, no foolin around. I'm not ball's enough to
go into some in Memphis.... Course, I'm probably more
worried about my car being there when I come back out. Memphis is pretty
civilized as compared to some of these out of the way
places... I wonder if Clapton ever made it to Humbolt. Where the L&N and
the GM&O cross ?

Friday or Saturday night... I'll bet if you walked thru the parking lot and
you were white you'd definitely be the only white guy in the parking lot
and talk about get stared down. Funny ole' Bill Wyman never mention these
places, probably cause they ran them off or the KKK did.

I guess that's why Clapton only plays the big concert halls.... Wonder if
he's ever thought about playing some place like Chester, IL
That's a death row prison, where they send some really harden criminals from
the Chicago area. That's a helluva mean looking prison
which over looks the Mississippi River - cool place for a photo shoot. If
he wanted a tough guy image or was to ever play in the big house.

Sort of like how the Blues Brothers played in Joilet... Joilet ain't got
nothing on Chester. If he's in the area he ought check the place out !
Bring your camera, too !
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