[Slowhand] Knife disclaimer

Bill P redcardinal0 at gmail.com
Wed May 28 00:05:12 EDT 2008

I probably should post this as I certainly wouldn't want to have
somebody brandish a big knife on somebody and get thrown in jail.

Best to really stay out of the black clubs if you come to America.

For one thing - if we're inside recording. The sight of a bunch of
white dudes in a place some how kills the show, unless they really
know how to get down on a guitar and make the colored ladies squeal.
Much like when I was at Ground Zero Memphis and Kenny Brown there. I
had to give that guy some video I shot of them a while back....
Recorded his show while I was there, will upload it one of these
days... But there's a part where Danny Landcaster gets down on his Les
Paul and it's one of those Gibson tweekin notes and the fat black
ladies in the place let out some really great yelps...

Bet the brits in their blues clubs in the UK never heard there ladies
provide that kind of a feedback. It's in the tones in the Gibson and
in there souls, this is what I'm talkin about that EC is missing out
on... Which is why his music is so weak in depth and why these blues
albums don't really sell all that well or at all.

He's trying, but it's not flying.... He's in the wrong STUDIO !

Ya gotta play the blues in the right environment for it to work, I
mean, ya gotta look at how these ladies look your playing to.... What
do you wanna bet, EC is playing to a bunch of guys and his wife.
Yawn... Somebody wake that guy up... He needs to be interacting
with the crowds as no doubt, he plays in those British service men
clubs, but who's he pretending to be ? Big Bill Broozey, John Lee
Hooker.... Heck, Johnny Winters clued into this years ago. Clapton
must have been drunk or loaded. Clueless and not observing a Master
Bluesman. Unbelievable !!

I'm really baffled but didn't Muddy Waters ever say something to this
guy about his drinking and carrying on ? I'll bet he did.... Clapton
is probably in denial about it. I wonder if he's talked about it ?

That's probably something that's holding him back... He can crank out
the tunes, but if the hammer isn't hitting the nail. Ain't nothin

That's on him... Heck for all I know, he'll probably reading this and
feel really guilty. All this time I've wasted, telling his story to
thousands of clients and some loon in Tennessee nails me to the wall.

So what do ya do.... No doubt, ya keep playing. But, one had to
start recording and entertaining to folks who love the blues but who'd
otherwise never ever think about buying a ticket to see this guy in
person. Hey, bub... Time is wasting, you had best get to recording
your acts and if you need a manish boy to do some double talkin... I'm

My only exception is I want to go to North Korea with you. Because,
that's one that has to be captured live....But I do have to wonder
about those Alesis recorder, wonder if they make one with a USB
connection for dumping audio on a SanDisk Cruiser. You know in the
music business backups are a necessity or rather a requirement.

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