[Slowhand] Cleveland Show

Sam Mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Sun Jun 1 08:50:42 EDT 2008

Solid show last nite, some flashes of brilliance - I guess its like sex
(never bad) but with all the glowing reviews, I guess I had my hopes up more
than usual. He looked kinda tired at times to me. Double Trouble was the
highlight of the show! Don't Knock my Love was funky, rocking chair could
have been on the Reptile album. Robert Randolph made him laugh during the

We threw up Roberts head on a stick, and he waved it at us as he walked off
the stage after his opening set. James also threw up Doyles head on a stick
(he LOVES them), and we have a picture of him holding it and the band
looking down at it as they took their bow. Sharon White held it up to her
face as she was walking off the stage...

Place was as close to a sell out as you can get, which is hard to do at an
outdoor venue. Great crowd, great weather, good times!

We all had a good time getting to see each other again (me, dr proctor, AG,
James, Rick and Anita Baker, Ron and Nick Ciul, Ishraq, Gini, et al)!



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