[Slowhand] Losing Hand

Bruce Wilson kbw at mchsi.com
Sun Jun 1 10:45:50 EDT 2008

Whilst rummaging through the archives the other day, came across EC's 2001 "I Ain't Gonna Stand For It" single with "Losing Hand":

'I gambled on your love, baby,
And got a losing hand'

What a beauty -- hadn't listened to that one in a while and ended up playing it many times. Written by Charles Calhoun alias Jesse Stone who wrote many R&B rockers, including "Shake, Rattle & Roll" and "Don't Let Go," Ray Charles recorded the best known version in the '50s. EC uses a very similar arrangement that is a bit reminiscent of Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac. One of his more obscure gems which deserves a place in the set of the upcoming Nothing But The Rhythm & Blues tour.

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