[Slowhand] Gotta Luv the Weather in Cleveland!

Jeff Elliott jnt.elliott at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 18:32:08 EDT 2008

After reading a few reviews of the Indy show, thank goodness for the
wonderful weather Saturday night in Cleveland, er, make that Cuyahoga Falls!
The band was tight as usual and Eric was in fine form. The crowd was really
awesome and the place was PACKED.

Having never been to the Cleveland area, and certainly not the Blossom Music
Center (really nice venue), we didn't account for the amount of traffic, nor
the two lane road leading to the center. And we certainly didn't know we
would have such a hike to get to the venue once we parked the SUV. It
seemed like a mile-and-a-half. We were in half panic as the minutes ticked
by and we still had no venue in sight.

Suffice to say we missed RR and the first 20 bars or so of Motherless
Children but quickly found our seats and settled in for another great show
by Eric and company.


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