[Slowhand] Rock & Roll Hall

Jeff Elliott jnt.elliott at comcast.net
Mon Jun 2 18:41:28 EDT 2008

Making the drive from DC to Cleveland to catch Saturday's show, I made the
fateful decision to run into Cleveland to visit the venerable Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame.

Only had a couple hours as we drove in on Saturday but that was enough to
see the small EC display and other cool memorabilia and "stuff." Being a
guitar nut, I thoroughly enjoyed peeking at all the great guitars hanging on
the walls and displayed throughout the museum and was contemplating the
desire for Guitar Center to agree to leave Blackie on display there.

But then, I thought about the fact that Guitar Center is "touring" Blackie,
Lenny and a few other revered guitars around the country and maybe that's
not entirely a bad thing. I tried to catch the exhibit in Chicago last
summer at CR II but the line was abysmally long and I was there to hear some
great music.

Back to the EC exhibit. It was pretty small but it was there. We didn't
notice anything around the museum that dealt with Cream and very little on
the Yardbirds but that may have just been an oversight on our part due to
the "rush" through the place.

Huge exhibit on Hendrix which was actually about as large if not larger than
the Hendrix exhibit at Paul Allen's Experience Music museum in Seattle which
has good reason to showcase Hendrix.

All in all, a nice museum and fun place to wander around on a Saturday
afternoon. I would definitely like to make another visit.

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