[Slowhand] Are the blues still alive? Hmmm ...

DeltaNick deltanick at comcast.net
Sun Jun 8 12:29:48 EDT 2008

I just thought of something, and I wonder what other Slowhand Digesters think.

Recently, someone posted an article asking if the blues are still alive. Hmmm. So, I got to thinkin' ...

Since there's all this Global Warming going on, maybe the blues is changing color. Do you think the blues is turning purple? Doesn't EC sometimes play red hot? If you add "red hot" to blue, won't it come out purple? And what about "white hot" (which is supposed to be the hottest of hots)? If you add white to blue, you get light blue or sky blue. And if light blue is the color for baby boys, does this leave the girls out? Or does this mean when Clapton plays "white hot," he does it for the guys, and when he plays only "red hot," he does it for the gals? Does it mean he's expressing his "feminine side"?

And I haven't even begun discussing adding green to blue, which is variously called "blue-green," teal, "Aspen Green" (the color of my car), and other names.

And if you don't believe in Global Warming, do the blues stay "true blue"?

What are your thoughts?


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