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Rocking Chair is a song by Hoagiue Charmichael

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"Rockin' Chair" is popular song with music by Hoagy Carmichael. Musically, it is unconventional as after the B section when most popular songs return to A, this song has an A-B-C-A1 structure. Mildred Bailey made it famous by using it as her theme song. Frank Sinatra recorded a definitive version[1]
It was first recorded by Louis Armstrong at Okeh studios in the 1930s after the stock market crashed, giving a badly needed boost to Carmichael's finances. The song utilises "call and response" to create a dialog between an aged father and his son.He performed Rockin' Chair numerous times in his career with his trombonist Jack Teagarden.[citation needed]
A different song using the same name was a R&B number-one hit in 1975 for rhythm and blues singer, Gwen McCrae.[citation needed

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does anyone know the history of this song? is it a cover or something new EC wrote. I don't usually listen to lyrics, but while watching EC play this tune at Jones Beach, I was struck by the lyrics. He seemed to be singing a send off tune, and if he was giving us a taste of his mindset at 63 yo, I am a little dissapointed. Not quite ready to be without EC touring and recording. and coming off the winwood msg shows, i see no reason why he would consider himself aged and ready to have his "troubles be over" while being taken away in a "chariot" from dear ol' "aunt harriet"

my only other complaint was there was way too much dbIII soloing on this short tour. little wing and queen of spades were ethereal, particularly little wing. and i loved the rhythm changes to motherless child.

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