[Slowhand] sonny landreth

sam mangano mangs88 at verizon.net
Mon Jun 30 13:54:31 EDT 2008

Went to see Sonny Landreth last nite in Cleveland. On my walk into the
venue, i noticed him unloading his guitar in the back parking lot.
Figuring I would try and see him before the show instead of having to
wait until after, so I headed back to the minivan. He and his band were
walking in the back door by the time i got back there, so I walked in
with them as well (not realizing at the time that i just saved $20 on a
concert ticket to boot)!

A couple people stopped him to sign their concert tickets. I waited my
turn, introduced myself, and told him I wanted him to have my dvd of
pics and videos from Crossroads from last summer, telling him I was
looking forward to him playing a full set of his music. He thanked me
and graciously signed a sweet 8x10 of him that I took at Crossroads.

He played 90 minutes (14 songs), and was a wizard on the fretboard with
his glass slide and unique finger picking/banjo picking style. He did
Key to the Highway, as well as Uberesso and Hell at Home (which he did
at Xroads, the latter which EC joined him on in Chicago). Since I saved
on the concert ticket, i bought his new CD they were selling in the
lobby. EC plays on 2 songs with some of his best recorded soloing on
record in awhile (his solo on winwoods "dirty city" nonwithstanding).
Other contributions by vince gill, knopfler, eric johnson, dr john,
jimmy buffet (background vocals) make this a highly recommended

He is also doing some mad touring this summer, even playing on some of
buffet's tour dates. check out www.sonnylandreth.com, you will not be


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