[Slowhand] EC Documentary

Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 28 14:39:32 EDT 2008

If the documentary that you are thinking of is the one that that showed at "selected" theaters in the Reptile-timeframe that had clips featured on the WB's website for a time - me too. I liked what I had seen on the site, though I didn't get to view it in its entirety at the theater. I figured that a DVD would be available and that it would be shown on PBS, but alas, it seemed to just disappear. Perhaps, the dismal dvd sales from the concert DVD that tour damped WB's enthusiasm for backing it further. Too bad it wasn't released WITH the concert DVD. THAT would have been a worthwhile BONUS. If we knew where to look, I'm pretty confident that a video was available from some source - if not for purchase, then a bootcopy. I've brought it up more than once at the SHD, but here was no interest in the topic.


>can anyone shed any light on a Clapton documentary that was supposedly in production a few years >back? what about the video anthology that is in the works.does anyone have any info at all? it occurs to >me that there should be some buzz associated with both of these projects.thank you,map47

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