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Jack Bruce Hopeful For Fresh Cream Shows
July 28, 2008 , 11:55 AM ET
Gary Graff, Detroit

The three members of Cream plan to gather again in October, but whether
they'll play music together is up in the air.

Jack Bruce says that he and Eric Clapton plan to attend an Oct. 3 ceremony
at which Ginger Baker will be given a Drummers Achievement Award by cymbal
maker Zildjian at the Royal Festival Hall in London. "'Cause I'm only the
bass player, I can't say for sure," Bruce explains. "I know there's a good
chance we may play at that event ... but I don't want to overstate it and
make it into something it isn't."

Bruce did say, however, that he, Clapton and Baker will likely "have a chat
about" some future reunions, as the trio did May 2005 in London, which
resulted in a subsequent live album and DVD, and October 2005 in New York.
"I think there might be a chance of some more," Baker says. "I would like to
do some more, 'cause I enjoyed it. It was very emotional. I would like
another shot at it.

"It's quite difficult for us, 'cause it's all very separate," he continues.
"Ginger's living in South Africa. Eric's this mega-star, and it's difficult
for us to keep in communication. But as soon as we do it's wonderful."

In addition to Baker, Zildjian will be honoring the Jimi Hendrix
Experience's Mitch Mitchell at the October ceremony. Other musicians
expected to attend and perform in some capacity are Jason Bonham (Foreigner,
Led Zeppelin), former Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, the Killers' Ronnie
Vannucci, Razorlight's Andy Burrows and members of Paul Weller's band, among

Bruce, meanwhile, is keeping busy on this summer's Hippie Fest tour, which
runs through Aug. 10. He'll then take part in a tribute concert for the late
Who bassist John Entwistle on Sept. 20 in Cary, N.C., before working on a
broadcast with the BBC Big Band.

In December, Bruce will be part of a tribute to the late Chic drummer Tony
Thompson that may also come to the U.S. in 2009, and he's making plans to
record the third album in his Latin fusion trilogy, which might be tracked
in Cuba if proper arrangements can be made.

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