[Slowhand] anyone care where phil palmer ended up?

Simon George simon.george5 at ntlworld.com
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George Michael seems to have a thing for ex-Clapton band members, a few
years ago Tessa Niles and Katie Kissoon were his backing singers!
Interesting trivia on Phil Palmer, who went on to be part of Dire Straits
for the final tour, for those who don't know, his uncles are Ray and Dave
Davies of the Kinks.

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> George Michael's touring band! I surprised my wife on Mothers Day with

> tickets to his show in philly (she is a HUGE fan and never saw him live).

> It was like going to a 10,000 seat gay dance club (not that there is

> anything wrong with that). The tix were so expensive, that it didnt sell

> well. although the ticket said starting promptly at 8pm, it took 40

> minutes to exchange out the nosebleed ticket holders with seats in the

> lower bowl to make it look more well attended (no one at all had to sit in

> the rafters, nice touch for them).


> The stage set up was pretty sweet - 3 large video screens, and the band

> playing on 3 levels of scaffolding in between the screens. After

> intermission, some band members came down on the main stage for "Faith".

> The white haired guitarist who played the rockabilly guitar solo on a blue

> strat looked familiar to me, but i couldnt place him. as the show ended,

> the tour credits came up on the middle video screen, and then i knew!


> For those not familiar, Phil Palmer was EC's second guitarist during the

> Journeyman Era.....and as Paul Harvey once said, "and now you know....the

> rest of the story"!


> l8r

> sammy



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