[Slowhand] Charlie Rose: Interview-god!

Mel Boss darmel at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 29 14:13:44 EDT 2008

Every time I think of LarryKing's inept, Eric interviews, it frosts me. I wrote to the SHD at the time about Charlie Rose and that he was a great interviewer. Well, over the years, I've come to enjoy CR's mastery of the art of interviewing many times more! I saw an endearing, hour-long interview that he did with NeilYoung one day last week and the next day was an in-depth discussion about Mandela and this Friday is BillGates! Charlie is always superbly prepared. Charlie is intuitive. He's smart and witty. He's observant and quick, and he LISTENS and responds adhoc (like a guitar solo). DAMN! I WANT TO SEE THIS INTERVIEW! What's stopping it!? What will it take to make this happen?
Mel Boss

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