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I do have a quite well-trained ear for chords (courtesy of 8 yrs singing in choirs), and I checked the Sapporo concert intro, and right after the single-notes line "da-ra-da-daaaa da-ra-da-daaaa da-ra DUUUUN (CHORD)" (LOL) the chord he hitted on "DUN" is exactly a E7(#9), you're correct on your guess. I don't know if you're talking about other versions, but in this one, this is the right chord, and I'm pretty sure of that;-) Maybe he got a different rabbit from his top-hat in other gigs, but not in this one at least...

Have a good F#6(9) suspended 4 (with bass in C#!) day!
Fabio Dwyer

PS. The right notes are:

B^ C# E E
B^C# E E
C#^B E E7(#9)

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To the guitar players in the group:

Whilst the crickets chirp, I'll throw this question out & if it has been
asked & answered, my aplogies. During the World Tour '06-'07, when they
got to the Far East, Pretending was no longer the opener, but instead
switched to Tell The Truth. Just before kicking it off you hear Eric
strum a nasty chord, something in E I suppose- but not an E7#9. Does
anybody know what that chord is? Saw him at Jones Beach last month and he
still used it. While I'm at it, is there a better live version from that
tour than Fairy Tales?

Thanks in advance,


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