[Slowhand] tech info support request (no EC info)

Shanahan mowdamowda at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 22 22:31:21 EDT 2008

Sammy said:

"i am not into doing anything fancy editing - wise, all i hope to do is
download the clips onto my harddrive,
and burn a dvd of them (no titles, music, superflous B.S., just one clip
after another that i can fit onto a standard dvd-r).
I have an MS-based computer, not a Mac.

please respond privately with any recommendations."


I need all the help I can get down this line too.


Obligatory EC content:

Where did the Blue Condition outtake with Clapton on vocals surface from.

Prior to the Deluxe Edition of Disraeli Gears there has never been any
mention of it.


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