[Slowhand] Hard Rock Calling

K S backlezz at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 28 08:36:27 EDT 2008

'did anyone on the list go to hyde park?'

I must admit that EC in Hyde Park was disappointing. For two simple reasons - reasons I knew I potentially would dislike even before I went. But with EC, I always think the impossible is possible. That's what makes me go to all these concerts.

Reason number one - the setlist. Not a very interesting setlist, and I was waiting for Little Wing or Isn't it a pitty. Got none of them. WHY not challenge yourself just a little bit EC, and play something special when you're back in Hyde Park?? This is not his nature and never will be.

Reason number two - his playing. I won't be going on too much about this, but I've said it before here on the Digest. He can still play beautiful guitar - without doubt - and up to par with the latest tours. But his avarage level is declining. Not the same broad spectre of nuances and surprises anymore...

Just my two cents


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