[Slowhand] SRV legends from VH1

tim shipp timshipp at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 11:51:11 EDT 2008


I'm a lurker here on the digest...not real techno savvy...sending out a request for a little help if anyone can direct me to a program I'm looking for.

I'm trying to locate the VH1 Legends program on Stevie Ray Vaughan.
I teach high school Transportation Technology (about any and all things automotive/boat/plane/power mechanics/engineering, etc.) For the past 10 years or so, during "Red Ribbon Week" I have shown this program to my kids in class because of it's (IMHO) powerful message about the damaging effects of drug and alcohol abuse. I tell my kids that, although I don't use either drugs or alcohol myself, I won't "preach" to them about what they do with their private lives.....with this ONE exception.....DON'T operate a motor vehicle under the influence. I then show this very well made program documanting SRV's life...as stated earlier, it has a powerful impact. I've had kids talk to me after a few weeks or even months of watching it tell me that it made an impact on them.
My problem is that the vhs tape is just about shot.....I'm looking for anyone that might have it on dvd that they might burn a copy of for me. I'm not a trader or collector myself, so I wouldn't have anything to trade...I'll offer this in exchange...a donation to MADD/SADD for a copy.

Any help is appreciated...email me privately off the digest if you like.
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