[Slowhand] Joe Bonamassa & Danny Gatton

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Tue Nov 4 18:01:38 EST 2008

Speaking of Danny Gatton, go to YouTube and type in Joe Bonamassa and Danny
Gatton and check out the young Bonamassa tearing it up as Gatton looks on.
I think Joe was 12 or so.

He puts on a great show which we saw two weeks ago down in Norfolk. He
tends to fill the space with lots of "shred" but he definitely is


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> Thanks Sam for that great review of Joe's latest CD,

> Live from Nowhere in Particular,

> it was a great and very true review, it reminded me to

> re-offer my affiliate link to Slowhanders

> to get Joe's live CD as reviewed by Sam Mangano with

> free shipping & handling direct from the Joe:


> http://www.jbonamassa.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=114


> Let me know what you think of the CD,

For those who haven't got it, it's chock full of tonal goodness!

And for those who are interested, here's one of my recent Joe shows, fresh
off my master:


Joe in many ways reminds me of the late Danny Gatton, in that he will
toss in all these little musical clues, sometimes so fleeting that you've
really got to be listening to catch them.

As Sam pointed out, I love this because it's so obscure, Joe not only tosses
in a little bit of an EC composition, but it's completely esoteric,
something a casual fan will never recognize:


More samples, vids from this show, pics etc. at:




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