[Slowhand] EC accepted invitation from Greg Allman for "Peakin at the Beacon" this year....

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> Hi,


> Any chance that Eric will cross the channel next year to play on the old

> continent or will it be a "uk only" tour?


> Already mid december and no announce so far.


> Best regards,


> Jean


I don't know about solo dates but Clapton has accepted an invitation from
Greg Allman to guest one night with the Allman Brothers Band in New York City at
the ABB annual run at the Beacon Theater.

The ABB Beacon shows were canceled last year due to Gregg's health issues but
he is fine now.

I wish EC would do multiple shows with the ABB but my guess is only 1
night........maybe 2 if it's on a weekend.

Dates should be released any day now. The ABB shows usually go for a little
over 2 weeks and in the past have run during March.

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